About Wizmount

Wizmount was created by two friends with a passion for extreme sports and photography.

While using GoPro and similar cameras to capture video from kite-boarding and their other exploits, they realized pretty quickly that something was missing in mounts offered on the market – a system that would allow natural and attractive photography of the most important object in the picture… the user.

Their experience showed that, no matter how good the camera, the results aren’t attractive without a mounting system that provides a high-quality, versatile third-person perspective point of view (POV) for self-shot video.

Unable to resist the urge to apply their many years of high-tech product development experience to the task, the creators set out to build the ultimate action camera mount for self-shot video and, in 2012, Wizmount was born.

Wizmount develops, manufactures and markets versatile and sophisticated mounts, which are different from anything else on the market… Wizmount puts the focus on you!

The company offers high-end products for self-shot video, without compromising quality or performance. Development of Wizmount’s new CU2 (“see you, too”) product line lasted over a year with the construction of some 20 different prototypes.

After extensive testing by athletes and photographers, 3 products were created. The CU2pack, the CU2rack, and the CU2 pole each have special features specifically tailored to the needs of athletes and photographers alike.

We at Wizmount are involved in every detail of the business. Our love for extreme sports and photography gives us a deep understanding of the importance of quality and innovation to the sport.

We take great pride and satisfaction in seeing so many people enjoy the gear that we tested and worked so hard to create..

No matter what we do, we strive to maintain our close connection to our customers. We are happy to receive input, which we hope will help us to develop even better products in the future.



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