Innovative, platform-secured design puts your camera in the right place for amazing self-shot video

A new way to mount your GoPro (or other action camera) on your bike, motorcycle, boat, jet ski or any other vehicle. Wizmount’s CU2rack lets you shoot video at virtually any angle, giving you the most unique self-shot POV video, virtually impossible with any other mounting system. Like other Wizmount products, the CU2rack is a solid, secure and stable way to mount your camera for amazing video like no other. With 3 adjustable boom pole joints and a 3-axis mount assembly, camera angles are virtually unlimited.

Adjustable Safety Torque™ clamping mechanisms hold everything in place, yet allow Wizmount boom poles to slide, increasing shock-resistance and minimizing damage upon any strong impact. The CU2rack is ideal for road bikes and motorcycles, boats and other vehicles typically operating on a relatively smooth surface. If your platform is very shaky (mountain bikes, dirt bikes, etc.) we recommend the CU2pack, which is better suited for strong vibrations. CU2rack and CU2pack systems share many of the same components, making it easy to change configuration.

The patent-pending CU2rack is a complete platform-secured mounting system

  • CNC-machined aluminum alloy mounting clamp and post assembly (fits tubes 19 to 40 mm / 0.75 to 1.6 in )
  • Quick release for easy installation and removal
  • 4 Wizmount aluminum alloy boom poles
  • 3 Safety Torque® adjustable joints featuring Up/Down, Left/Right and Forward/Backward adjustment
  • Telescopic mechanism for distance adjustment and easy packing
  • 3-axis camera mount assembly with 2 CNC-machined aluminum alloy mounts for optimal angles for GoPro and other action cameras
  • Modular design – can be used as a CU2pole (with Rack to Pole upgrade kit) or as a CU2pack (with the Rack to Pack upgrade kit)


  • Camera maximum distance 102cm (*)
  • Camera maximum distance with extension pole 133cm (*)
  • Camera minimum distance 35cm (*)

(*) distance from camera to mounting clamp


  • 100% waterproof
  • 6063 T5 anodized aluminum alloy boom poles
  • CNC-machined 6061 black anodized aluminum alloy mounts
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • 6061 Aluminum alloy Safety Torque™ joints

Three-way camera mount assembly

  • CNC-machined 6061 black anodized aluminum alloy
  • 2 Stainless steel bolts (GoPro knob compatible)
  • 1 Stainless steel bolt
  • GoPro HERO 1,2 and 3 compatible


  • 700 gr / 24.7 oz


  • Max recommended camera weight 500 gr / 18 oz

Three-way camera mount assembly

  • CNC-machined 6061 black anodized aluminum alloy
  • 2 Stainless steel bolts (GoPro knob compatible)
  • 1 Stainless steel bolt
  • GoPro HERO 1,2 and 3 compatible

Mounting clamp

  • CNC-machined 6061 black anodized aluminum alloy with polyurethane coating
  • Accommodates rails from19mm to 40mm (0.75” to 1.6”) in diameter


Rack to Pole Upgrade Kit


Transform your CU2rack into a CU2pole with the “Rack to Pole” upgrade kit that includes:

  1. Ergonomic CU2pole handle with straight Wizmount boom pole

Rack to Pack Upgrade Kit


Transform your CU2rack into a CU2pack with the “Rack to Pack” upgrade kit that includes:

  1. CU2pack backpack
  2. Backpack mounting plate assembly
  3. Backpack poles sleeve

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CU2 Boom Pole Extension


Expand your reach. This extension pole is compatible with CU2pack, CU2rack and CU2Pole mounting systems. Adds 30cm (11”), allowing your GoPro or other action camera to get even more action in the picture. Especially useful for shooting in front angles with the CU2pack. Comes complete and ready to use with one Safety Torque adjustable joint

Universal Camera Mount Adapter


Use any camera that accepts a standard 1/4″ 20tpi (threads per inch) tripod mounting bolt. Great to have if you want the flexibility to shoot on non-GoPro equipment. Attaches to the 3-axis mount assembly. Made of CNC-machined aluminum. Compatible with CU2pack, CU2rack and CU2pole mounting systems.

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