Can the system withstand the acceleration of extreme sports?

Yes. The system was designed to withstand accelerations up to 20g with cameras up to 150 grams.  Forces of 20g or more are far above those experienced by most extreme sports.

What happens if I fall with the system?

The system was designed with safety considerations in mind. Using our specially designed Safety Torque® adjustable joints, you determine the level of rigidity and amount of force required for the boom poles to slide away to safety. Wizmount is designed to absorb impact without causing damage to you or the equipment.

From where do you ship the systems?

Each system is tested during assembly and shipped from Wizmount’s Israeli facilities. Once received, all you need to do is put on the CU2pack or mount the CU2rack mounting clamp (depending on the product you’re using), adjust the Safety Torque® adjustable joints, and connect the camera using the camera mount assembly.

Is the system suitable for all sports?

Generally yes, although Wizmount may not be suited for sports with a risk of entanglement, such as parachuting or paragliding.  In any case, you should carefully consider your activity to ensure that a camera mounting system like Wizmount poses no additional danger to you or those around you.

What happens in areas with a lot of people?

In crowded areas, we recommend decreasing the length that the boom poles are extended and moving the camera more to the front (rather than the sides).

Is it possible to use non-GoPro cameras?

Yes, Wizmount has an adapter, available at wizmount.com/products/cu2pack/ which allows you to use any camera that accepts a standard ¼” 20 threads per inch (tpi) mounting bolt.

After using my Wizmount system, I noticed some of the boom poles are more difficult to disassemble. Is this normal?

Yes.  Sometimes the strong pressure generated by the Safety Torque® adjustable clamps can slightly reduce the diameter of the Wizmount boom poles, causing them to fit more tightly together. This is normal and does not interfere with system operation.  If you experience difficulty in disassembling the system, try using a circular motion to separate the boom poles from each other.

Instead of your mounting bolt, may I use my GoPro thumb knob to mount the camera?

Yes. GoPro thumb knobs are completely compatible. However, unlike other systems with plastic components, Wizmount mounting assemblies are made from a stronger, stiffer, machined aluminum alloy.  Therefore, with Wizmount systems, more force should be applied to achieve stable clamping.  We recommend use of a Philips-head screwdriver for best results.

How to secure the camera?

Increased camera security is possible by running a security cable (optional) through the hole below the thumb screw and through other parts of the system. Alternatively, you can just secure the upper Wizmount boom pole to the camera. We highly recommend using a cable or leash at all times, especially during water sports

Can I use the system in the sea/ocean?

Yes. Make sure to rinse all system parts with fresh water after every use.

Can the camera mounts and adjustment components withstand impacts?

Yes. Wizmount camera mounts and adjustment components  are made of anodized aluminum, which is significantly stronger than standard plastic mounts.

What is the ideal force to use when tightening the Safety Torque® adjustable joints?

The initial force should be similar to that used on a quick release clamp on the seat post of a bike. If you are engaged in a sport with a high degree of accelerations, then you will probably need to use more force. For these types of sports, the force used to tighten the joints should be quite strong. If you see during your activity that the tubes slide, then you will need to make the joints tighter. Please note that joints further from the camera carry more of the load and should be clamped more tightly than the joints closer to the camera.

Are there any limitations on using the system in the sand, in the mud or in similar environments?

Using the system in such environments is okay. If for some reason you dismantle or assemble the system in the sand, make sure there is no sand on the Wizmount boom poles before attaching them together. At the end of your activity, dismantle the system and rinse each component with fresh water, being sure to dry before storage.

Do you ship internationally and how long will it take for my order to arrive?

We usually ship within 48 hours after receiving cleared payment. We use two shipping services:

EMS first class mail – estimated delivery within 7-11 business days (depending on your location)

DHL express international mail – estimated delivery within 3-5 days (depending on your location)

Both shipping methods provide door-to-door service.

Please note that import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.


How did you get such a stable picture? Are you using video editing effects?

All videos displayed on our site represent the true performance of the Wizmount system.  They were not edited to increase image stability or reduce vibration.

The Wizmount CU2pack image stability system has the capability to curb the camera vibrations typically experienced while performing sports. We developed a special plate with a unique grip system, located in the backpack, which fits the anatomical structure of the back for maximum comfort and stability.

Is it possible to buy the system without a backpack and use my own backpack?

In principle it’s possible, but we recommend using a backpack especially created for CU2pack components in order to receive benefits such as camera stability, user comfort, and durability made for extreme use. A lot of thought and planning were invested in Wizmount’s CU2pack backpack to obtain both ultimate image stability and maximum user convenience.

Is it possible to dismantle the system and continue my sports activity?

Absolutely. The system can be disassembled in seconds, with all of the components stored safely in the CU2pack backpack or inside the backpack’s sleeve.

Is it possible to put a water bag or other things inside the CU2pack?

Yes. The CU2pack can hold a 1.5-liter water bag and can also hold small objects like a wallet, keys, phone, etc. You can also insert a waterproof bag.

Can children use the CU2pack system?

The CU2pack is designed for people weighing 55-60 kg (121-132 lbs) and more.

How do I adjust the angles of the system? How do I tell if the camera angle is good?

Camera angle adjustments on Wizmount systems are done by unlocking each Safety Torque® adjustable joint, adjusting the Wizmount boom poles, and returning each Safety Torque adjustable joint to a “locked” position.

  1. The 1st Safety Torque adjustable joint (inside pack) controls the elevation (up and down).
  2. The 2nd Safety Torque adjustable joint controls the lateral adjustment (left and right).
  3. The 3rd Safety Torque adjustable joint controls the boom pole length as well as the orientation of the last boom pole.

After initial adjustments are complete, put on the CU2pack and tighten the straps, making sure the camera is in position. If the camera supports picture viewing, it is recommended to use a smartphone for this function. When starting out, it may take a few attempts to get the angle you want. One advantage of the Wizmount system is its ability to capture an almost infinite number of camera angles.

Please note that adjustments to one axis may influence the settings of the other axes.

How strong should I tighten the CU2pack backpack straps?

The CU2pack backpack should be comfortable to the user, yet tight enough to enable stability for the camera. Because the best fit is related to you and your sport, you should test it out and adjust the pack to suit your specific needs.

What can I do if the video I shot is shaky and unstable?

Check all system parts to ensure that all components are firmly and tightly attached, starting from the base plate straps inside the backpack, to the bolts attached to the base plate, then the system Safety Torque adjustable joints, and finally the bolts on the camera mount. Additionally, try to tighten the straps holding the system on your body.

I am using a seat harness. Do I need the harness kit?

No. The harness kit is needed only if you are using a waist harness, which can overlap with the bottom of the CU2pack or any other backpack, causing the pack to slide upwards.  However, when using a seat harness, there is usually no overlap between the backpack and the harness, so the harness kit is generally not needed.


What precautions should I undertake when attaching the CU2rack?

Make sure the mounting bolts are the proper length.  (They must be flush or slightly protruding from the mounting clamp when fully tightened).

Make sure you tighten both mounting bolts evenly, to ensure the two parts of the mounting clamp are parallel and mounted evenly.

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